All that glitters is not gold

It’s that time of the year again, where nations come together and watch the Olympics!!!

Or, to be more honest, people watch expert athletes while sitting on their couches wishing they could be as good as the Olympians are. Or whatever you prefer to believe 😉

I absolutely love the Olympics and try to watch ever single event that I can, even though I am not h biggest sport fan during the year. But, for some reason, every 2 years, I become a sport fanatic and just absorb everything.

It has gotten to the point where I tape two different channels during their prime-time coverage, while watching a third, to make sure I do not miss a single event. Add that to online coverage, I think I’m set for the next two weeks.

But recently, I started thinking about why that is.
Why am I so engrossed in the Olympics (both winter and summer)?

I think it is because it shows people at their best.

Every single person on the planet says saying like, “just do your best,” “you tried your hardest” and “you just didn’t want it enough” – which is akin to saying that an individual was not good enough. But these athletes from all over the world? THEY are the best.

And from that pool, the three greatest champions emerge and stand on the podium.

However, getting just behind the podium is thought of, in the public forum, as a disappointment and a failure. But the truth is that it is anything but.

Take the Canadian women’s Olympic team in athletics.

Two days ago, they qualified for the team finals, which was beyond their wildest expectations. Their reactions to being one of the Top Eight to compete in the finals was simply pure joy. And how did they do?

According to CTV, Canada came in 5th, behind the U.S., Russia, Romania and China, but ahead of Britain, Italy and Japan. They were not even close to the podium, but it. Did. Not. Matter.

It was the team’s first appearance in the team final since 1984 and was simply happy to be named fifth best in the world. And that is what people need to remember, as well as the athletes – just because you aren’t first, second or third, it does not mean you are a loser.

Being fifth, 12th, 38th or 75th out of everyone who plays the sport in the world is still pretty DAMN GOOD. And while it may not come with a medal, you are still a winner.

You are still better at what you do than everyone I know, did know or ever will know.

So, congratulations to all Olympians, whether they are on the podium or at the bottom of the scoreboard

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  1. Agreed! I know that all of the athletes have a SUPER competitive edge, naturally, but I like hearing from the more humble athletes who are just thrilled to be there at all.

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