Animal FUN!!!!

Animals keep me sane.

I love learning about them, and I tend to remember the oddest stuff about them.

For example, I know that a giraffe’s tongue is so long that it can lick the inside of its own ears.

Or, that the Tuatara lizard has three eyes, with one on top of its head.

Here are three stories that I like, that keep me sane, have some humour in them and are informative 🙂

How about some of the world’s weirdest animal mating rituals?

Or, the most HORRIFYING bugs in the world?

And lastly, read about the six ‘adorable’ animals that COULD kill you?


Oh, and this pic makes me laugh.

Thisis how an Armadillo lizard protects itself 🙂


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  1. Sara

    So crazy Sh*@! I’m horrified by those crazy bugs (esp the one that said it will be in Montana in 2010). Thanks for giving me nightmares!

    p.s. I thought you were going to write about some girl you met!!

  2. Sara

    thought you’d like this – a link to mating rituals, including penis jousting by flatworms:


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