Fudge, Flask, Finger,Fungus, Feud, Fuse … and other F words


Journalism is hell.

Not like real hell, but more like a figurative hell. One with keyboards a clankin’ at all hours of the day, phone calls going unanswered, technological mishaps, pens burst, pencils snap… you know, like nightmare personified, but for J school students.

Well, as much as I thought I’ve learned from the past four-and-a-half weeks, apparently, it is NOT enough. I just got a swift kick in the arse back to reality.

In J school, we hand in a few assignments every week, and we get them handed back to us via email. I got one such assignment today. When I saw my mark, I’m pretty sure that my brain saw it and said: “DAMN! I do suck. I left Biology for THIS? Screw you, but I’m goin home!”

That’s right…. the other, other F word… FAIL

I have never failed anything in my life, except for 2 things.
1) First test in first year Chemistry…42%. But, I worked my ass off in that course from that moment on, and that test ended up being dropped!

The rules state that if you spell a person’s name wrong, you get an automatic F. I did not spell someone’s name wrong. If you misquote someone, auto-F. Not this guy!

I misspelled the name of the election district. I said Ottawa Central, instead of Ottawa Centre. Ottawa CENTRE. Wouldn’t Ottawa Centre be central too? I personally think that’s a better name… less confusion.

Not that it’s a big deal, as we get to re-write our assignments and get them re-graded. I finished the re-write, and I actually think it’s a MUCH better article than it was originally.

So, there you have it. I am a big F. But, if you add one more vertical line to an F?
F + I = A!
Now you ever said math didn’t have it’s uses?

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  1. lol rewrite assignments. i wish they let us rewrite assignments in Math school. after a while, failing became like a second nature. they’re still giving me a degree for some reason though… i guess the cheques did clear.

  2. Blackie

    hmm…ever fail music?? (I think getting the option to write an essay in music class instead of playing an instrument constitutes failing, haha)

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