Life Will Find A Way

First off, I am NOT dead … just a temporary hiatus as I went home to relax and unwind from the stresses that have accumulated during the school year.

It hasn’t all been fun and games though, as a few interesting developments have popped up.

Firstly, I have an internship and there is a chance it could be one of the elusive ‘paid’ positions, with even an opportunity of a part-time job after the summer ends.

Secondly, my major research project is shaping up and beginning to semi-come together. I have narrowed down my focus, thanks to my supervisor, and even streamlined my budget! As for what it’s on, that will be the subject of a later post.

And lastly, I saw a VERY interesting show last night. It was entitles, “Life After People” and it extrapolated, based on scientific observations, what the Earth would look like if all the humans suddenly disappeared. If we all went POOF, what would happen in: one day, a week, a month, a year, 10 years, 100 years, 500 years, 1,000 years?

And it ended with a a very interesting statement, that life existed before people, and life will continue afterwards. However, one thing is for certain, after 1,000 years, nearly all traces of humans presence will disappear.

Kind of makes all your troubles seem small and insignificant, eh?

And that made me think of a line from one of my favourite movies of all time, Jurassic Park.

“All I’m saying is that life … finds a way”

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  1. Sara

    I show that video to my class when we read depressing short stories. It’s awesome!

    p.s. I really like the article links. Your brain article is my favourite 🙂

    p.p.s. if you google “David Manly Ottawa” you get some of your articles and your blog! fun times

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