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Hello everyone!

Happy new year to those that I haven’t wished it already! It’s been quite the roller coaster new year, that’s for sure. But, good news illuminates the darkness in which we dwell, right? As of…. Tuesday night, I sent in the applications for Journalism to all the schools. I really, really hope I get in, but if I don’t, I’ll be ok with that. I’ll then plan to work at an actual newspaper (no offense Excalibur). I’ll keep y’all updated on my Journalism Journey (catchy, eh?)

And, low and behold, the beast returns. What beast? Well, see if you can guess: It is huge, pulsating beast with no soul, no heart and no compassions for those that serve it. It is a brutal taskmaster that is never satiated, no matter how much time you spend within its clutches. Anyone care to fathom a guess?
That’s right….. it’s YORK! YAYYY! 😛
It’s only been just over a week and I already have a bunch of stuff to do. Alas, no rest for the wicked (well, only slightly wicked…. my horns don’t even show yet :P)
I am enrolled in:
and Parasitology
Out of them all, it would seem that I’m enjoying Microbiology the best, but its still early. The labs are pretty fun (and plus, my TA is quite cute! lol)

Other than that, not too much to report with respect to me. It’s getting late, so I’m gonna pack it in for the night. BUT, I promise that I’ll post more often in the future.


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  1. Christine

    lol i second the reference to york as a beastly, soul-less monster… :O) and by jove david, focus on the work and not the t.a. ;O) juuuust kidding, u can do both lol

  2. Blackie

    What has happened to your blog? You haven’t posted in over a month!! 🙁

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