Me, but Not Me

So, in a vein attempt to not do work, I thought I would Google myself (it’s a verb now, get use to it!)

Apparently, there are different versions of me all over the place.

Here are some of what these me-but-not me’s have accomplished:
– Marketing Manager in London
– A Psychiatrist in North Carolina
– A VP of Marketing in Boston
– A Physician in North Carolina
– A track star in New York
– A road racer in the UK
– A Miner in Saskatchewan

And coolest of all, there is a company named after me in Ireland. Honestly!

Apparently, they are “recision engineers,” and specialize in, of course, “precision engineering.”

When I go there, I GOTTA visit it and get a picture taken with my company…hehe.

And then there is me … a trained Biologist/Zoologist going into journalism.

Hopefully, one day, I’ll make my many namesakes proud 🙂

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