Regress to a Simpler Time

Just a quick aside:

Ideas are like ants.

There are billions upon billions of them. When you aren’t looking for one, they are EVERYWHERE.

Then, when you desperately NEED one … none are to be found.

That is what my reading week was like.

All except for a brief time with a good friend of mine. It made my day/week and probably month too.

We got together at her place just to talk and catch up. The following has not been edited in any way, shape or form.

K – My boyfriend is weird.
Me – How so?
K – He’s a genius with computers, but sucks at English. Seriously.
Me – It happens.
K – Wanna know what I do to help?
Me – What?
K – I read to him.
Me – Really?
K – Yah, it helps him!
K – IT DOES!!!
Me – Well, what do you read him?
K – Well, I’m reading him children’s books. I kill two birds with one stone, because I am taking a children’s literature course for school. So, in essence, my reading to him is studying! 🙂
Me – What kinda books?
K – Some Seuss, Treasure Island, Winnie the Pooh
Me – Awesome! Which Winnie the Pooh?
K – House of Pooh
Me – *PAUSE*
K – Wha? Ohhh, David!!
Heheheh, Pooh

And this went on for about another 5 minutes!!!

So there you have it, even though I consider myself and my friend exceptionally smart people, we all have moments like that.

Every now and then, it helps to act like a seven-year-old and laugh at a good ol’ fashioned poo joke 🙂

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  1. de Sa

    Pooh….a classic indeed. I was always a fan of Eeyore and Owl but still loved the entire line-up.

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