The birds and the bees

Human biology is a marvelously complex conglomeration that incorporates a variety of organs, cells and tissues to create a balanced biological system. But what if that could change? What if you could change your body to that of another animal?

Some people would choose to be as fast as a cheetah, as strong as an ant or possess the majestic grace of a tiger. But the comedians from the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre decided to choose something a little different and selected a more avian trait.

The UCB created an amazing video that takes a stab at those horrible infomercials you see when you are watching TV at 3:35am and think that, “yes, I could use half-a-dozen egg poachers” or “a neck massage machine using lasers? Yes, please!”

The most entertaining of those infomercials, however, are often the medical ones. Unintentionally (I hope) filled with bad acting, horrible voice-overs and science that seems more than a little dubious. So, the parody infomercial below ponders the question we have all, I’m sure, asked ourselves at one time or another, “Why can’t my reproductive system be more like a bird?”

For the ladies, the infomercial describes Cloaxia – a once-a-day pill that combines your uterus, urethra and anus into one hole (like a bird’s cloaca)!

And for the men, well, just wait until the end of the video.

It is mildly Not Safe For Work, but 100% hilarious. So sit back, take two pills and “caw” me in the morning.

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