The Definitive Answers – Part Deux

Sorry for the delay in reaching the next part of The Definitive Answers, but its been a crazy few weeks filled with family stuff, sporadic Internet connectivity, participating in The Epic Writing Adventure and other stuff I don’t even want to go into.

But, I have not forgotten!

I’ve continued to get emails with questions from people, so I decided to make a YouTube video that answers three interesting questions posed to me recently.

In this video, I answer three animal-related questions from Lucy in Edmonton, Jenny in Chicago and Matthew from Alberta.

Remember: Submit your questions to, and I’ll answer them in the upcoming editions of The Definitive Answers.


UPDATE: Please note that when I mention the nictating membrane, I was actually referring to the structure known as the tapetum lucidum. I had gotten my notes mixed up with research on sharks that I was making earlier in the day. Thank you Neil for the correction!

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  1. Anonymous

    Nice! I like the idea behind this series. When you mention the nictitating membrane, I think you might actually mean the tapetum lucidum. Or maybe not. Worth checking out, anyway.

  2. de Sa

    Great explanations David. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    “Like most things in the animal kingdom, it all comes down to attracting the ladies.” – BEST QUOTE EVER!

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