Tick, Tick, Tick ….. BOOM

Check it out. I have accomplishments!!!

See at the top right, called “My Selection of Recently Published Articles?” Those are actually things that I have written that have been published and released upon the world!

Now, while that statement may make me sound like a bit of a journalism style Batman villain, I really don’t care. After these past few months, I have some actual results!

Now, with the pleasantries out of the way, let me tell you how my life is a ticking time bomb that will explode and rain David all over my friend?

My reading week was spent on the phone calling an oil company numerous times a day about a spill that happened a long time ago. Despite my enthusiasm and angle (it was a POSITIVE ONE for the company), they still refused to contact or talk to me.

My idea for my MRP (Master’s Research Project) has died.
R.I.P my excellent idea.
NOW, I have to come up with a brand-spanking new idea in just a day or two, so that I have time to write a 800 word paper about it and do some actual research on it! Did I mention it is due in a week?

There are only 6 weeks left of term, and everything is becoming due at the same time.

And, I don’t have a summer internship lined up. I’ve gotten a bunch of rejection letters, which of course do wonders for the ol’ journalistic self-esteem.

If anyone has any ideas for my project or a summer job, I will intensely listen and give it SERIOUS thought.

Now, I know that everything will get done, I am just not sure HOW yet.

These are the times that my head feels like a pressure cooker that is slowly cooking my brain on a nice well-done setting.


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